Friday, February 10, 2012

Behold the Crackpottery!

The Maryland pretzel factory. I am listening to the Maryland Christianists tie themselves into knots to come up with a logical reason to oppose marriage equality. They use innumerable irrelevant analogies. They cite unpublished studies created by unknown authors in foreign locales. They indulge is preposterous stereotypes of gay people. As I type, some moron is combining the AIDS scare with Cameron statistics      and now Robb and Robin Wirthlin. They actually believe their own bullshit! If I hear one more time how same-sex marriage harms children I am going to barf.

There is one thing that they are not doing. They are not telling the truth!

There simply does not exist a single coherent argument that marriage equality has any adverse effect on society or so-called "traditional" marriages.

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