Friday, February 10, 2012

It is INEVITABILITY that ultimately dooms NOM

National marriage equality is inevitable. The only question that remains is how it will be achieved. Almost 80% of adults under the age of 35 support marriage equality. Eventually, those people are going to populate courts and legislatures throughout the country. I doubt that Maggie Gallagher is quite as delusional as she seems to be:
I have no doubts who will win in the end . . . One hundred years from now the globe will not be full of societies that endorse same-sex unions as marriages.

The sense of inevitability will dry up contributions to National Organization for Marriage faster than an alcohol spill in a hot sauna. This makes Gallagher more cynical and disingenuous. This prospect makes Brian Brown unhinged. It is understandable. Where else could a rather dim bulb like Brown hone anti-gay hyperbole into a six-figure income?
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