Friday, February 24, 2012

Mr. LaBarbera, Please Quantify

I generally ignore Peter LaBarbera. I hate to provide a sociopath with the attention required by his personality disorder. Nevertheless, this might be instructive. According to Mr. LaBarbera:

Former "Gays"...That there are lots of happy EX-homosexual men (like DL Foster); EX-lesbians (like Linda Jernigan and Yvette Schneider); and even EX-transsexuals (like Walt Heyer) who have overcome sexual/gender    confusion and troubled circumstances in their own lives -- usually through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

First, we need to determine exactly what an "ex-gay" is. If we have learned anything from people like John Smid and Exodus president, Alan Chambers, it is that an "ex-gay" is someone who has made a decision     for religious reasons     not to have gay sex. Their sexual orientation remains unchanged. It's nice to see pray-away-the-gayTM practitioners acknowledging what we have known all along. Since we have no idea what someone like DL Foster is doing in the privacy of his bedroom, we have to take him at his word.

Mr. LaBarbera; Exactly how many ex-gays are there? "Lots" doesn't really answer the question. We need some data:
  • How many people have entered (in say the last ten years) pray-away-the-gayTM programs?
  • How many complete the program?
  • Out of those, how many claim to be "ex-gay?"
  • Of those, what is the average amount of time since they "completed" the program?
  • How many have had gay sex since completion and at what frequency?

My hypothesis (which is nothing more than a educated guess):
  • There do exist some people who choose not to have sex for religious purposes.
  • Fewer than 1 in 1,000,000 gay people claim to be ex-gay.
  • 3% to 5% of those ex-gays have not had gay sex for any meaningful period of time.
Mr LaBarbera; Prove me wrong!

To suggest that any of these people are "happy" would be a major stretch. LaBarbera has no basis for that claim or, indeed, for any of his claims. There is no legitimate research and there never has been any research to justify such assertions. The paucity of data is intentional.

The entire ex-gay theme is a myth manufactured to justify discrimination against gay people.
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  1. When it comes to Peter LaBarbera, there isn't anyone who hates this man more than I do. But let's get real; Peter LaBarbera isn't the problem, it's gay people such as the ones you cited above who pimp themselves out to him and the other anti-gay hate groups who are.


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