Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NOM "ally" - Not so much

On February 14, NOM trumpeted:
Pro-SSM Prof. Harrison to Senate Pres. Sweeny: Let The People of New Jersey Have Their Say

Prof. Brigid Callahan Harrison, professor of political science and law at Montclair State University, who supports same-sex marriage, argues against New Jersey Senate Pres. Stephen Sweeny claiming "you don't put people's rights on the ballot, period" by saying he should trust the people of New Jersey.
Professor Harrison has now written about the effects of an  acrimonious campaign through a referendum:
One reader of last week's column, David Hart, noted that in gay-rights ballot campaigns in other states, opponents of gay marriage won these "contests largely by claiming that gays are a threat to children. Aside from being disgraceful, it is ironic that this all takes a toll on gay children. Huge sums of money would be poured into advertising that undermines gay dignity. We have enough insecure gay teens without inflicting more opprobrium on their 'lifestyle.' "

And Hart is right. The National Organization for Marriage, which opposes same-sex marriage, has aired scare-tactic ads throughout the country arguing that ensuring marriage equality will harm children's psyches, alter school curriculum and prevent individuals from practicing their faith and undertaking their livelihoods.
Read the full article

Somehow I doubt that NOM will link to the new opinion piece.

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