Wednesday, February 8, 2012

NOM Chairman, John Eastman, makes even less sense than Brian Brown

Here's some more BS, courtesy of Mr. Eastman. Briefly, civil rights are not decided by popularity contests; Marriage has not always been "rooted in biology" and nobody has demonstrated "devastating consequences." Indeed, they were unable to do so in a court of law. The trial record is what it is. All the hyperbole in the world won't change it.

The right of the people to decide for themselves a very fundamental policy question about whether we're going to continue to have an institution of marriage that is rooted in biology with a purpose of procreation as it always has been or whether we're going to allow the courts to mandate a dramatic altercation of that institution with potentially devastating consequences to society. So it's the right of the voters of the state of California to have their judgment about the basic policy in question here affirmed.

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