Thursday, February 23, 2012

Parents of Dead Bullied Child Permitted to Sue School Board President

A federal judge has ruled that the school board president of the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District in the Houston, TX metropolitan area, must face claims by a mother whose teenage son committed suicide. School officials are said to have ignored repeated complaints of bullying,

The federal lawsuit claims that Asher Brown, an eighth-grader at Hamilton Middle School, "was a victim of incessant bullying by a number of students,"

Things were already tough for Asher. He had Asperger's syndrome, spoke with a lisp and walked with a slight "sashay" because he was pigeon-toed. According to the complaint, "He was made fun of because of his size, because he had a lisp, because he was a Buddhist and because ostensibly he was gay."

According to the suit, "On numerous occasions someone would run up to Asher when he was running track, and a student would stop short in front of Asher, so that he  would run into that boy and simulate anal intercourse. Then someone would call out, 'Hey faggot, quit trying to fuck me. Hey guys, 'Asher is trying too butt-fuck me.'" The complaint alleges that these incidents were observed by the physical education and coaching staff on numerous occasions and that they failed to take any action, either to protect Asher or to reign in the behavior of the bullies. Asher filed complaints himself. Yet there was no record of any disciplinary action in any of the students' files.

Asher committed suicide in September of 2010     shortly after a bully kicked him down a flight of stairs. Sadly, even then the school's actions were nothing short of obscene. Another student witnessed the last incident of brutality and filed a complaint. The bully was punished by being sidelined for one football game.

It's as if the school said to the offender "fuck the little faggot but we have to do something." Surely, we must fear for the safety of LGBT students and perceived LGBT students at that school.
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