Monday, February 6, 2012

They just cannot help themselves

Melanie Baker, a marriage inequality activist, writes in Lifesite News, ‘Making smoky what should be a clear light’: marriage under threat in Maryland. Therein, she asserts:
Two men or two women living together in a sexual relationship never can be married – even if the state wants to play semantic games.
. . . marriage is a covenant of love, and such love is not a private good. It is by its nature open to life. Any relationship that attempts to reduce love to personal satisfaction, emotional or physical gratification, or merely “my” happiness is not love.
Ms. Baker claims that our marriages are not valid. She is entitled to her opinion based upon her religious (conservative Roman Catholic) beliefs. However, she is not entitled to weigh in on the truth of our love for our partners. That is not subject to religious interpretation or opinion.

Then, not surprisingly, Ms. Baker indulges in this little bit of self-absorption (emphasis added):
Melanie Baker - Bigot
A further point that bears repeating is that those who oppose the legal redefinition of marriage are not bigots and are not motivated by hate. . . . far from being an act of ‘hate,’ the refusal to endorse [a] homosexual lifestyle should be and often is motivated by love . . .
Madame, your own words portray your hate. You are a bigot! We neither seek nor require your "endorsement."
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