Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We need to learn how to argue better!

Salespeople for American business lose more sales to attempts to counter objections that don't exist than any other reason. We are doing the same thing with marriage equality. Moreover, we insist on repeating the same mistakes. The pervasive "argument" against marriage equality:

Children do best when raised by a mommy and a daddy!
We tend, almost uniformly, to respond with the studies on gay parenting. We can cite them chapter and verse. I have done it myself.

However, that's not the issue!

The correct response is: "What does that have to do with marriage equality?" [PAUSE] "Are you suggesting that gay marriage causes more married couples to divorce or to put more children up for adoption?"

The above is an argument based on fact. There is no correlation between gay marriage and who raises children. On the other hand, if we indulge them in what amounts to arguing gay adoption, there are competing opinions. In other words we lose the argument.
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