Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's Mr. LaBarbera Whining About Today?

Mr. LaBarbera has been a busy little bigot. He took time out of his "busy" schedule to take his hobby camera to the front of Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago. There, he took a photo of a Gay Liberation Network sign referring to Archbishop George as "Arch-Bigot." Oh the horror of it all. The fact is that George is a bigot.

Then, Peter is doing some grass roots lobbying urging his merry little band to call their representatives to oppose marriage equality in Illinois. Frankly, I hope that Mr. and Mr. Goldberg purchase a home across the street from Peter but I digress.

In addition to his profound outrage over marriage equality in his home state, Peter wants his followers to request a repeal of civil unions:
. . . a tool of anti-religious oppression against Christians, and now it is revealed as a mere stepping-stone for the Homosexual Lobby’s real goal: the revolutionary redefinition of marriage — using the State to advance the absurd idea that sinful “unions” based on (changeable) homosexuality should be awarded equal status with natural marriage.
 That appears to be a determined effort to put as much hyperbolic and mindless nonsense into a single sentence as possible. Mission accomplished.

Exactly what part of the Establishment Clause does Mr. LaBarbera not understand?
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