Thursday, March 8, 2012

ADF: Pray Gay Marriage Away Day After Party

The Alliance Defense Fund wants more prayer a week after "Pray for Marriage Day." Apparently, they feel that the set aside day was insufficient. Accompanying their polemic, titled Changing Marriage Changes Everything, is a prayer sheet (PDF). After all, you might not know what to pray for.  It reads more like the talking points derived from National Organization for Marriage meets Family Research Council. One would think that a few gays getting hitched will prevent heteros from ever getting married again. For example:

 Pray for God’s design for sex and sexuality in Marriage
  • Pray for sexual purity; that sex will be reserved for marriage, and celebrated in marriage.
  • Pray for those hurting and suffering from going outside of God’s plan for sexuality.
  • Pray for sexual fidelity and faithfulness between husbands and wives.
  • Pray for children’s innocence to be protected from false sexual indoctrination in schools.
Just in case that's not enough prayer material, Alan Sears provides this little helper:
.  . . we pray that God will right the wrongs that have changed marriage for the worse in our society. And we also pray that the nation will discern the dangers of further damage to marriage. We thank Him for the deep and lasting social good marriage provides; which has stood the test of time across all cultures and faiths. And we continue to pray that God will bless and repair this vital institution in our nation.
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