Sunday, March 18, 2012

Before NOM Links to an Article by Selwyn Duke . . .

Perhaps they should first know that the nitwit is a birther. As recently as March 14, 2012, this genius opined:
You don't present a forged a document for no reason. Again, the undeniable, irrefutable fact here is that there is smoke. And we need to find out what is feeding the fire.

Remember, too, that document forgery is a crime. If you were found benefiting yourself through it, you'd be prosecuted. Should the president be held to a lower standard?
So when Mr. Duke writes a polemic titled How to Win the Marriage Debate, perhaps someone at NOM should demonstrate enough intellectual curiosity to find out who this guy is. However, this is illustrative of anti-equality proponents. A lack of intellectual curiosity and critical thinking on the part of both Mr. Duke and National Organization for Marriage's staff. Shocking, I know.

The full range of Duke's misogyny, racism, homophobia and anti-intellectualism is in full bloom here.
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