Friday, March 16, 2012

Bill Keller: Maddow's to Blame and He has Cured Thousands of Homosexuality

Pastors like Keller clearly have a constituency that is not exactly comprised of the most intellectually curious people in the world. Nor, for that matter are they great critical thinkers. These preachers depend on ignorant rubes to foolishly send them their hard earned money. According to Christian Newswire:
Bill Keller, the world's leading Internet Evangelist . . . says Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Ellen DeGeneres, the media, and gutless pastors are guilty for the death of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi, not Dharun Ravi!
. . .
The fact is, suicide is exponentially higher amongst those who choose the homosexual lifestyle, and while those in the media want to blame people like myself who take a Biblical stand on this issue, the fact is, they are the ones most responsible!
. . .
Over the past 20 years, Liveprayer has helped thousands of men and women make the choice to turn from the sin of homosexuality. Keller says, "Homosexuality is a bondage like alcohol, drugs, gambling, or anything else people get addicted to. The great lie the homosexual community has successfully sold is that people are 'born gay.' There is absolutely ZERO legitimate studies to support this claim. People are born with black skin or white skin, with blue eyes or green eyes, taking off your pants to have sex is a CHOICE!"
Sure Bill. Sure.
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