Monday, March 5, 2012

Brian Brown fancies himself as David - - - vs.Goliath

National Organization for Marriage's Brian Brown may have his intellectual shortcomings but lacks nothing in paranoia and hubris. He seems to forget that it is the LGBT community that is the minority group. In spite of common sense, Brown and NOM decided to pick a fight in North Carolina to orchestrate an amendment to the state's constitution that outlaws marriage equality and civil unions. The problem with all this is, well, as the Charlotte Observer put it:

. . . an explainer won't be able to justify this wasteful and misguided legislation that bans same-sex marriage - a ban already in place by state law.
In other words, Brown has committed NOM funds     provided by donors     that accomplish absolutely nothing, even if the ballot initiative is successful. On the other hand, if NOM loses a contest in the Bible Belt (which is a real possibility) not only do they lose the money but they look like imbeciles to their donors. But I digress.

Today, in an email, Brown compared himself to David as in "David vs. Goliath."

If you've been reading the newspapers or watching the evening news, you already know what we're up against:
  • President Obama
  • HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius
  • Governor Perdue
  • Lt. Governor Dalton
  • Senator Hagan
  • Representatives Renee Ellmers, David Price and Brad Miller
Even the NAACP and 75 corporate CEOs—and they're all urging North Carolinians to vote against marriage on May 8th. Couple that with the mountains of cash from out-of-state radicals and the expected advertising blitz coming from opponents of the Marriage Protection Amendment, and we have our work cut out for us.
Sometimes it feels like David vs. Goliath.

Perhaps it should occur to Mr. Brown that this was a very bad idea. But it gets better:
Even as David rejected the traditional trappings of war, he did not go to battle against Goliath empty-handed. He still took 5 smooth stones and a sling. . . . your gift today is a "smooth stone" that will help to ensure we have the resources to win this battle, with God's help
If nothing else, Mr. Brown should pick better themes.
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