Thursday, March 8, 2012

California: Significant Increase in Approval of Marriage Equality

A March poll (PDF) conducted by Public Policy Institute of California on numerous issues shows a considerable increase in approval of same-sex marriage.
A number of social issues are being debated this election year. Californians’ views have undergone a marked shift on one issue: same-sex marriage. Today, 56 percent of likely voters favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to legally marry—up from 47 percent in October 2008, just before voters passed Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage. Among registered voters, majorities of Democrats (72%) and independents (56%) today favor legalizing same-sex marriage. Most Republicans (61%) are opposed. Support has grown in most political and demographic groups since October 2008. It is up 16 points among Democrats (56% to 72%), 11 points among Republicans (23% to 34%), and is similar among independents (53% to 56%). Support is up 10 points among Latinos (36% to 46%) and 7 points among whites (50% to 57%). Across age groups, support grew 10 points among those age 18–34 (53% to 63%), 13 points among those 55 and older (34% to 47%), and is similar among those age 35–54 (45% to 48%). Among evangelical Christians, support increased 15 points (21% to 36%).
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