Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cardinal Newman Society's Anti-Gay Campaign

According to them, the mission of The Cardinal Newman Society is to help renew and strengthen Catholic identity in Catholic higher education. Apparently, that excludes gay students who are to be marginalized on campus. CNS' latest hissy fit is over a couple of planned events at the College of Saint Benedict/ St. John’s University in Minnesota.

According to CNS:

In November, Minnesotans will have the opportunity to vote on a marriage amendment to restore traditional marriage. In light of that important vote, The College of Saint Benedict/ St. John’s University in Minnesota is home to a surprising event that was posted on the school’s website.
"Restore?" Wrong talking point? And these "surprising" transgressions:
  • Parents and friends of GLBT are invited to come together to share their stories and support each other and their families in a spirit of prayer and respect.  The  DVD  “Catholics for Marriage Equality” will be shown. 7-9 p.m. Thursday, March 8 at the Spirituality Center, Saint Benedict’s Monastery.
  • Pride Week; April 13 to April 17
The university sponsors People Representing the Sexual Minority (PRiSM). Its mission:
We believe college students possess the values, ideas, will power and motivation to build a safe community for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, gender, religion, creed, disability or socio-economic status.  We have become activists for this cause; supporting those of the sexual minority through events and meetings, educating our fellow students on issues of equality and functioning as an advocate for the rights of those a part of, and affiliated with, the sexual minority.
What I find most troubling is that CNS thinks so little of the critical thinking capabilities of college students.
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