Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NOM thoroughly earned this meshuggeneh tsuris

As usual, NOM is delinquent on required campaign finance disclosures. By the end of January, National Organization for Marriage pumped about $20,000 in support of GOPer David Storobin who opposes Democrat Lew Fidler for the New York State Senate seat once held by the disgraced Carl Kruger.  The special election is today. Such a mess! Such a mess!

My parents didn't teach me enough Yiddish to fully comprehend what's going on here. In summary, two rather obnoxious-but-secular Jews are fighting for a NY Senate seat that will only exist for nine months due to redistricting. This particular district is comprised of mostly even more obnoxious orthodox Jews including Hasids. While Storobin is a Russian immigrant the Russian Jewish community seems to be supporting Fidler. Each camp has their own set of Rabbis and Rebbes endorsing their candidate.

There has already been a hit-and-run incident outside a polling place that is attributed to the Storobin campaign. According to a tweet:
Report: Van hits Fidler volunteer in front of Cunningham JHS. Driver runs out grabs Fidler lit from volunteer and drives off. NYPD on scene.
Meanwhile, Fidler’s campaign claims that Storobin himself was ejected from a polling site at the Shorefront Jewish Community Center by police, for aggressively electioneering to Russian voters there. A charge that the campaign has denied.

According to the Fidler campaign:
For at least this final day of the campaign, it would be nice if Mr. Storobin could conduct himself honorably.  Not that we expect him to, but still, it would be nice.
Storobin is now boasting that he has 200 volunteers trolling Brooklyn for voters. Fidler claims that Storobin has been illegally campaigning at every polling place.

Oy fucking veh!

Who can keep up with this soap opera? I hope that NOM wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on this campaign for a seat for eight months. Even better, I hope that they spent the money and Storobin loses. Oh and "meshuggeneh tsuris" roughly translates to "crazy shit"     very roughly.
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