Monday, March 26, 2012

Re: "Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse on Why Being Pro-Marriage is Not Anti-Gay"

First, Let's get rid of the semantics. Morse is not "pro-marriage." Nor is she "defending marriage." Morse is an advocate of banning same-sex marriage. Therefore, the question becomes:

Is the desire to ban same-sex marriage anti-gay per se?

Of course it is! It is discriminatory. Furthermore, Morse's employer, National Organization for Marriage, consistently claims that gays are a threat to children and that gays can be "cured" by so-called reparative "therapy"     something that has been denounced as ineffective and toxic by every mainstream medical and counseling association. Morse, and her employer, portray marriage equality as dangerous to children and dangerous to civilization. They consistently assert the false proposition that marriage is limited to couples who can have children ("procreate") without considering the hundreds of thousands of children being raised by gays. The dishonesty of their arguments constitutes anti-gay hate speech. That is further confirmed by the GLAAD-CAP profile of Morse which includes numerous vile expressions of hate.

The Morse code is really an expression of angst over her listing in GLAAD-CAP which is only a summary of her own words with their source. If you wish to read the polemic in full, it is here.
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