Monday, March 26, 2012

Speaking of Absurdities - There is Always ADF

I received an email over the weekend from one  Lawrence (Larry) Gratton who does not disclose his affiliation. Given that he is writing to encourage more church participation in circulating petitions for Washington's Referendum 74 (which would prevent Washington's marriage equality law from taking effect), it is reasonable to conclude that Mr. or Rev. Gratton is associated with the anti-equality crowd. Gratton includes a document from Alliance Defense Fund which reads in part (emphasis added):

Dear Pastor:

I write to encourage you and your church to support the referendum protecting traditional marriage in Washington.
 . . .
But it is not enough to simply acknowledge that churches are legally allowed to support the marriage referendum. Every church in Washington should stand to support the referendum.

Churches must lead the charge on this issue as they led the charge in the past on the great moral issues of history such as independence, slavery, women's suffrage, ending child labor, and civil rights. Churches and pastors have always been at the forefront of the great moral issues confronting our culture. They have never been afraid to stand for righteousness and to urge morality in culture. And today should be no different.

Really? Christians used the Bible to support slavery and segregation with the certainty that God intended the races to be separated. Moreover, they have been     and continue to be     in the "forefront" of institutionalized misogyny. Were they actually supportive of "civil rights" that would include those of LGBT citizens.
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