Friday, March 9, 2012

Strident Church Opposition to Marriage Equality in Maine?

According to Catholic News Agency,  some media outlets have misconstrued a pastoral letter on marriage from Portland Bishop Richard Malone.  Some took the letter as an indication that the Church would not actively oppose the 2012 ballot question to legalize same-sex marriage.

According to Brian Souchet, director of the Diocese of Portland’s Office for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage :

There will be a ballot question committee, it will be established. We will work closely with that ballot question committee to promote the cause of defending marriage in November.

We still have a bully pulpit and the media’s still coming to us and we’re preaching the same message that we preached in 2009.
However, Souchet is reportedly an unpaid volunteer. It seems doubtful that he speaks for the diocese. In August of 2011, he wrote and article for Catholic Maine titled "Normalizing Pedophilia" in which he subtly made a connection to gays:
But in a culture that no longer entertains any notion of objective morality, a culture that encourages every form of sexual perversion in the name of personal freedom, it would be naive to  assume that any secular organization which deals with pedophilia would suddenly embrace Christian notions of right and wrong, good and bad.  Such notions are, after all judgmental and violate the golden rule of secular politics: though shalt not impose thy morality on others.
Regardless of what the Church chooses to do directly, you can be sure that NOM will be spending considerable time and resources in Maine. However, this time they will be required to disclose their donors.
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