Tuesday, March 13, 2012

VCY: 'Violent Verses in the Qur'an'

According to VCY America (Voice of Christian Youth), Islam is a violent cult. VCY, which also bills itself as Christian Information Radio, claims:
Islam is promoted as being a "religion of peace".  But when the teachings of their "holy" book, the Qur'an, are examined, there is much more teaching of violence, including the killing and maiming of those who do not submit to the worldview
started by Muhammad.

Vic Eliason presented the evidence by reading a number of verses from the Qur’an, and from the companion sayings of Muhammad and traditions in the Hadith, which specifically order Muslims to kill or maim non-Muslim "infidels", especially Jews and Christians.
If you want to see this in full, you can Google. I do not link to hate sites.

One would have to believe that these people have never read their own Bible.

The Bible is full of rape, murder, plundering, slavery, stonings and other forms of retribution. A Muslim could easily come to the same conclusion about Christianity.
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