Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pastor Cheats on Wife - Perspires - Sues Sprint Tel

You cannot make this stuff up. Carl J. Mimms III, pastor of the Freedom Tabernacle of Praise Church in Indianapolis, claims that he specifically told Sprint employees "to not allow anyone to have access to his account except for him" because he thought his wife might be snooping in his account.

According to Mimms,  Sprint invaded his privacy and by giving his call log transcripts to his wife, who suspected him of having an affair and confronted him with the phone records in front of their teenage daughter and several congregants.

According to the lawsuit filed in federal court, "Plaintiff's conversation with that Sprint employee or representative caused Plaintiff's blood pressure to increase, his head to perspire, and his heart rate to increase." Mimms neither confirms nor denies his wife's accusations in the suit but he wants Sprint Nextel Corp. to pay damages for their alleged breach of confidentiality, negligence and invasion of privacy.

Next, this dumb schmuck will be suing Satan for causing him to cheat on his wife. I am at a loss to determine who he will sue for causing his abject stupidity.

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