Thursday, July 26, 2012

The State Sen. from NOM is also an anti-Muslim bigot

A plan to build a small Muslim prayer house in a Brooklyn, NY neighborhood has been stalled for years by neighborhood opposition stoked by the likes of Geller and Gaffney.  These nitwits don't seem to get that the First Amendment applies to all religions. Otherwise, we are no better than the Arab countries that we demonize.

Last week, Republican state Sen. David Storobin, who represents a nearby district, fired off a letter to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg claiming the mosque “may pose a danger to public safety.”

Storobin occupies a New York State senate seat that has been redistricted out of existence effective January, 2013. NOM essentially rented the seat for Storobin for a few months when Storobin agreed to run as an anti-equality candidate.
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