Thursday, August 23, 2012

Apparently, Frank Schubert Needs an Atlas

I received an email signed by Bob Emrich,head of Maine's anti-equality campaign. Of course this was written by NOM's campaign strategist and fundamentalist Catholic, Frank Schubert. This time we are informed that Maine voters should vote against equality because of a list of problems in Canada, Yes, that Canada     our enlightened neighbor to the north where gay people run amok and everyone has healthcare. Oh, the horror! So let's hear about the consequences of marriage equality.

Aside from the obvious, that Maine is still very much a part of the United States, Frank tells us about the poor Christian victims of marriage equality. Oh, the poor dears. Did they start crucifying people again or pitting them against lions?

Not exactly. It's the usual BS five examples of people who don't understand public accommodation or Catholic schools that take huge government subsidies. Then of course there is the idiotic sportscaster who allegedly got canned for tweeting something. Another predeceased martyr.

Oddly though, not one of Frank's examples has anything to do with marriage equality. I wonder why that is.
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