Monday, August 6, 2012

Every Now and Then I Try to Inform Porno Pete

Generally, I ignore Mr. LaBarbera. Today I fear that Pete may have suffered apoplexy, the result of Target's new wedding registry ad featuring a gay couple. Pete is displeased. I hate to break it to LaBarbera but it gets worse.

Unless, like me, he is using a computer running Linux or some other flavor of Unix, he is doing business with either Microsoft or Apple. Both of those companies are proponents of marriage equality. Oh, and horror of horrors, one of America's largest companies     Apple     has a gay CEO. I wonder if Pete has an iPhone. Getting past that, it is almost impossible these days to do much on the web without unknowingly being a client of Amazon's cloud computing. Didn't amazon's chairman just donate $2.5 million in support of marriage equality?

Maybe Pete doesn't have an iPhone. Perhaps, like me, he is an Android fan. While android runs the open-source Linux kernel, it is a Google project. Google, of course, is another supporter of "homosexual marriage."

If Pete is really a Christian of conviction, he will pull the plug on all of this. Heck, I'll send him two clean and empty asparagus cans. He'll have to come up with his own string ... or rope.

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