Thursday, August 9, 2012

Frank Schubert's Talking Points for Maine

Frank Schubert (now Mission Public Affairs) and National Organization for Marriage have been wed in anti-gay activism since Prop 8. It was Schubert who came up with the "gay marriage will be taught in schools" theme which clearly implies that gays are a threat to children and that if children are exposed to anything gay they will turn gay.  Schubert, by the way, is a religious zealot. In an email today, he unveils his three-point meme for Maine:
  1. Traditional marriage between one man and one woman has existed for thousands of years and, and clearly supports the public good.
  2. An overwhelming body of social science research shows that children do best when raised by their married mom and dad.
  3. A new, redefined version of marriage would be the only legally recognized definition of marriage in Maine. Citizens, small businesses and religious organizations would not be allowed to let their beliefs determine their decisions, and they would find themselves in legal trouble if they do not comply with the new law.
So let's see:
  • Yes, I agree that marriage supports the public good. That so-called traditional marriage has existed for thousands of years is irrelevant. For most of human history polygamy existed and women were little more than chattel. 
  • I also agree that children do best with their biological parents. That has nothing to do with marriage equality.  Gays adopt children whose biological parents are no longer their custodians. And by the way, Frank, about half of the kids in this country are now raised by a single parent. So what is the point?
  • Point three makes no sense whatsoever. It's not supposed to make sense. Gay marriage doesn't "redefine" anything. It merely broadens the eligibility. Public accommodations already cannot discriminate (drat, Frank). Nothing changes at all. NOTHING! Religious organizations have no obligation to solemnize any marriage     including those of the same sex.
 Schubert's objective coincides with NOM's. They want to inflict their religious beliefs on everyone else. There remains no coherent argument that marriage equality has any effect on anyone other than those thus united in wedlock.

We're on to you Frank! Hopefully, Mainers will no longer tolerate this kind of nonsensical BS.
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