Tuesday, August 14, 2012

FRC: The GOP is not sufficiently obsessed over discrimination

According to the latest "gimme your money" from those friendly folks at the Family Research Council they are not happy with the GOPers. Of course they are never happy; Those folks  are the angriest people on the planet     24 x 7. They seem to have come to three conclusions:
  1. That the GOPers are not homophobic enough (fooled the hell out of me).
  2. That FRC can make them more homophobic and;
  3. That they need your money to do so.
Down the street from where I live in South Beach, there is a Gypsy in a storefront who probably makes similar arguments (You have a curse; I can remove the curse; What I need is your money). The text of the FRC mailer follows:

Platform meetings next week. Please Help us Keep the Platform Pro-Marriage
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Dear David,

I received a disturbing letter in the mail from the Republican National Committee recently. Maybe you did too.

They sent folks a survey, to fill out on the issues of the day.

Missing from the survey were questions on marriage.

Nothing..... Not one question.

The Democratic party will officially codify language in their platform endorsing same-sex marriage, at their September convention. The Defense of Marriage Act is under attack The current Democrat President refuses to defend the law in the courts. 

The pro-marriage side continues to win in state after state when referendums are placed on the ballot, but the Republican Party doesn't want to talk about it?

That's why FRC Action's participation in the Republican National Convention platform meetings next week is vital.

I will be joining key FRC Action staff next week to protect the platform and keep it pro-life and pro-family.

Will you help our efforts by contributing $25, or even more?

There are very few organizations that are defending traditional marriage. That's why FRCA's involvement is so important.

Thank you for standing with us


Tom McClusky
Senior Vice President
FRC Action

P.S. After making your $25 donation, please share this with your friends.
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