Monday, August 20, 2012

FRC: Higher education makes people gay!

You cannot make this stuff up. I was brushing up on crackpottery today, by rereading parts of Family Research Council's authoritative book on sexuality     Getting it Straight. This 2004 opus, written by Peter Sprigg and Timothy Dailey, is on FRC's website     in the "homosexuality" department. It features a veritable cornucopia of anti-gay mythology.

One of the more amazing subsections within What Causes Homosexuality? is Education:
As with urbanization, higher levels of education are directly correlated with higher levels of homosexual behavior and self-identification.
They go on to cite some dated and questionable sources. It would be comical if they didn't take it so seriously. According to FRC's compilation of "research:"
  • Men with four or more years of college are estimated to have a higher proportion with same-gender sexual experience, particularly compared to those with no college education.
  • Another study concludes that education was positively associated with having had a same-gender sexual experience within the last ten years.
  • [Another] study shows that twice as many college-educated men identify themselves as homosexual as men with high-school educations, 3 percent of college-educated men said they were gay compared to 1.5 percent of men with high- school educations.
  • For women the trend is even more striking. Women with college educations are eight times more likely to identify themselves as lesbians as are women with a high-school education. Four percent of female college graduates identify themselves as lesbians as compared to less than half a percent of female high-school graduates. 
I suspect that the education-makes-kids-queer theme is widely accepted by FRC's constituency. It accounts for why parents willingly destroy the intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills of their children by sending them to third-rate institutions like Liberty U.
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