Thursday, August 16, 2012

Intellectually Dishonest Bunk

The right wing seems to have settled on a theme. It's those queers who are intolerant. They are persecuting those nice Christians just trying to live out their biblical principles. Those who live by the word of God are entitled to their religious freedom - - - ad infinitum. It's just another form of cognitive dissonance intended to cause confusion.

While NOM's and FRC's supporters will gladly repeat the moronic meme, people capable of critical thinking know that these groups demonize gay people as a raison d'ĂȘtre.

  • When their kids come home bloodied by a gang of gay children     let me know.
  • When gays suggest that their religious choice should be criminalized     let me know.
  • When their children are bullied to suicide     let me know.
  • When elected officials publicly demonize them for their religious beliefs     let me know.
  • When they are systematically denied housing, employment, safety and dignity by force of law      let me know.
  • When they are denied equal protection under the law     let me know.
  • When they are a minority     let me know.
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