Friday, August 31, 2012

OK, Let's Talk About Children!

My last post was about the disgusting tactics of the Maine inequality campaign being managed by Frank Schubert with local support from Bob Emrich and Carroll Conley. Once again, those who oppose marriage equality resort to claiming that gay people are a threat to children. It comes as no surprise.

So let's talk about children!
  • Every single day in America, gay kids come home from school humiliated or bloody only to be further beaten down by ignorant parents. Apparently, "Christian" parents are incapable of imparting "Christian" values to their "Christian" children. Indeed, we hear stories of parents and teachers who encourage bullying as a means of converting gay kids. Has that ever worked?
  • Gays represent a staggering 40% of homeless youth in this country because parents kick them out when they come out. These are brainwashed and ignorant parents who see sexual orientation as something like smoking or alcoholism. Do any gay kids return home as straight?
  • When not simply discarded, gay children are often sent away to places to convert them into heterosexuals. Parents do so in spite of the fact that every mainstream medical association has concluded that reorientation "therapy" is ineffective and potentially harmful. Of course their Baptist pastor knows more than the AMA or APA. First these programs have the effect of teaching children to lie about their orientation. Eventually when it becomes obvious that the kid is still gay, it's his fault or her fault. Either they didn't pray hard enough or try hard enough or weren't motivated enough. This does not help egos and psyches that are still in development.
  • Right now, in Maine, Minnesota, Washington and Maryland, gay children are watching and listening to commercials that demonize them. They learn that they have nothing to look forward to but a bleak future of debauchery, damnation, becoming child abusers and disease. Those same good Christians don't think about it for a second. I would like to know what kind of God would want adults to torment young children.
  • None of these people are making an effort to inform children that the CEO of the most valuable company on the planet (Apple) happens to be gay. Nor, for that matter, do they know the same about Alexander the Great or even Baron von Steuben.  Any efforts to educate children about the contributions of gay people meets the same resistance from the same people with the same talking points utilizing the same negative and false stereotypes.
  • Gays are currently raising some two million children in this country. "Good Christians" make sure that those kids hear, every day, that their parents are evil perverts and second class citizens.
  • Some of those same children are being raised by gay couples. They are being denied (by those same good Christians) the opportunity to have the stability and security of married parents.
Frank Schubert is a fundamentalist Catholic     a modern day Knight Templar and defender of the faith. Some guy in Rome has told him that it is the duty of every Catholic to oppose "homosexual marriage." In spite of the fact that we live in a secular society that requires a separation of church and state, Schubert's loyalty is to the guy in Rome.

We stopped burning witches and even the Pope accepts evolution. Isn't it about time that religious people stopped tyrannizing gay people?
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