Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shame on you Mr. Perkins

Today Family Research Council blamed Southern Poverty Law Center and their labeling of FRC as a hate group as the proximate cause of the incident yesterday. 
  • I deplore the incident which resulted in a FRC employee getting shot.
  • As a shooting victim myself I am concerned for the physical and mental health of the victim in this incident. I have made no secret of my extreme PTSD.
  • The SPLC (an organization with exceptional credibility) has designated FRC as a hate group because they intentionally mislead people about LGBT people. Other anti-gay and biblical lifestyle organizations do not have that designation.
  • The SPLC sends out few communications. FRC, on the other hand, attacks gay citizens with false information and hyperbole on a daily basis.
  • It is reasonable to conclude that this incident would have occurred regardless of SPLC's designation. Note that I am not excusing the perpetrator.
  • I am surprised that Mr. Perkins is concerned about the SPLC designation. I say that because his organization has done absolutely nothing to cause them to reevaluate the organization's status.
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