Thursday, August 2, 2012

"The Silent Majority?"

Sometimes NOM is a source of amusement. Today's email blast about the organized chicken eat-in is titled:

The Silent Majority Speaks!

Perhaps Brian Brown (or whomever might actually write this stuff) doesn't know that this phrase was a 19th century euphemism for the dead. It became popularized by Richard Nixon in the late 60's referring to the people who did not demonstrate in opposition to the war in Vietnam. It was probably inserted into Nixon's speeches by Pat Buchanan which is why some people think that this phrase was an adjunct to the Southern Strategy.

Ironically, Nixon's aim was to be divide American citizens into two groups and to pit them against each other. Sound familiar?

Nixon eventually pulled out of Vietnam and it came under Communist control. Had he listened to the vocal minority, Vietnam would have come to the same conclusion. However. 20,000 American lives would have been saved.

Is Brown referring to dead bodies or dead brains?
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