Friday, August 10, 2012

The Tedious Consistency of Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family is hawking their True Tolerance program propaganda again. The first paragraph of their email reads:
All too often, there's another story in the news about schools mandating sexually explicit lessons or teaching about homosexuality—even for children as young as kindergarten, and many times against their parents' will. Often these lessons are promoted in the name of "tolerance" or "safe school lessons"—misleading titles that make it hard for parents to discover what is being taught or how best to respond.
Perhaps this doesn't make much sense to my readers.However, to the Focus on the Family constituency this says: Your kid is at risk of being turned into a homosexual and that's a very bad thing. 

Less important is the fact that the text is deliberately misleading. Those "stories" are created by people in the religious right and are often fact-free. I suspect that Kindergarteners are unlikely to bully classmates because of their sexual orientation. At some point (sixth or seventh grade?) it becomes necessary to teach kids that intolerance for other students because of their sexual orientation makes about as much sense as intolerance based on eye or hair color. They learn that bullying is a very bad thing.

Ultimately, the bullies themselves are victims of the bullshit that they learn from their "devout" parents. None of this instruction would be necessary if the adults would stop devaluing and demonizing gay people because some ancient text might have language that says that having gay sex is a sin.

More importantly, this curriculum is aimed at saving lives!

It astonishes me that Focus and other choose not to understand that. This Jew is compelled to ask; What would Jesus do?
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