Tuesday, September 4, 2012

AFA Oy Veh

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 18:  Actor Jason Biggs ...
OK. I admit it. I am often amused by the silly boycotts and campaigns of the (hate group) American "Family" Association. From time to time, gays, Muslims, Jews, Mormons and Native Americans are all fair game for these nitwits. And that's just for starters. So what is pissing off the AFA today? It's Jason Biggs that is pissing off the AFA today. AFA does not like Jason Biggs' tweets.

I'll get back to Mr. Biggs in a moment. But first, AFA employs Bryan Fischer as their Director of Public Policy. Mr. Fischer spews a constant stream of hate over the radio for several hours every day. You can catch up on some of Fischer's verbal spasms at Right Wing Watch.

By virtue of employing Bryan Fischer, AFA has forfeited any right to complain about anyone else!

As for Jason Biggs, AFA wants Nickolodean to can Biggs for his tweets that they don't like. Biggs does voices for the new TMNT.

Biggs would give Dan Savage a run for his money. He is sarcastic, nasty, funny and profane. If you don't like his tweets then don't follow him. Problem solved
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