Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Amazing: NARTH claims that WE are the extremists

NARTH persists in promoting thoroughly debunked reparative "therapy." With his signature, Jerry Brown will take the matter out of the clueless NARTH's hands in California and save some helpless kids from being abused and possibly damaged for life. NARTH is not pleased:
We are asking you to contact California Governor Jerry Brown (pictured right) today and ask him to veto Senate Bill 1172. As most of you know SB 1172 is the latest and most dangerous attempt on the part of extreme activists to prohibit the clinical treatment of individuals who are seeking assistance with their unwanted homosexual attractions.
Allow me:
  1. The only reason that a child would have "unwanted sexual attractions" is because they are ashamed of being gay. Shame stems from their ignorant parents.
  2. A true professional knows that reorientation "therapy" is not only ineffective but potentially harmful.
  3. What is dangerous is peddling this nonsense to parents. Gay kids are not sick. There is nothing wrong with them. They do not need to be "repaired."
  4. The first thing that parents need to know is that they did not make their child gay.
  5. It is the parents who need professional help if they think that this form of child abuse (and it is child abuse) should be forced on their kid.
NARTH continues:
This clearly unconstitutional legislation was amended over a dozen time until the new law would only restrict the treatment of minor children, but it sets a dangerous president <sic> ...
Unconstitutional? Please. I sure hope that this establishes a trend. How many people need to be damaged before this stops? 

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