Monday, September 24, 2012

FRC's latest "Poor Us"

Tony Perkins, Ken Blackwell and Jerry Boykin have combined for a "poor us" on behalf of Family Research Council on Fox News' website. They have inaptly titled their diatribe Religious liberty, hate and every American's rights. Not surprisingly, their incoherent rant has nothing to do with religious liberty or anyone's rights. It does, though, have much to do with hate.

So let's don our high boots and nose clips and dive right in:
Chick-fil-A sales have broken all records after being threatened by ultra-left wing activists. ...
What records? Who threatened the company with what? I am a proponent of both marriage equality and EEO. Does that make me a "threatening ultra-left wing activist?"

America is a center-right country, with a majority that respects traditional values and simple common decency, both of which inform their consumer and investment decisions.
Whatever America is, they voted for President Obama which included what became Obamacare (something that FRC opposes) . It is likely that the President will be reelected. Does that make us "center-right?" Does FRC presume to suggest that they are center-right?
The past month highlighted issues in America’s culture war, culminating in a shooting that could have been perhaps the deadliest act of domestic terrorism ever driven exclusively by a social issue. Several related episodes showcase the nexus between these social controversies and economic prosperity.
Really? So one person being injured is a greater crime that Aurora (12 killed - 58 injured) or the shooting at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin where six people died at the hands of a white supremacist?
Second, a gay-rights activist entered the building of our organization, Family Research Council (FRC), where he told our operations manager that he objected to our politics and opened fire with a handgun. Our political beliefs reflect our Christian faith.

This comes in the context of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) designating FRC a “certified hate group” because of our biblically-based beliefs regarding marriage and human sexuality. We encourage love and respect for all people including those seeking to redefine marriage, and we have made clear we abhor and reject all violence directed against anyone for their sexual behavior.
Bullshit! FRC is attempting to correlate their designation as a hate group with the violent event at FRC. The correct correlation is the hateful behavior of FRC which got it listed in the first place. FRC's listing as a hate group has nothing to di with "biblically-based" beliefs. They are listed because (among numerous other things) they link gay people to pedophilia,  they have compared same-sex marriage to man-horse marriage and claim that homosexuality should be a felony. The hardly encourage "love and respect" when they claim that the teen suicide problem is the result of teens choosing to be gay. Nor do they do so by promoting thoroughly rebuked ex-gay "therapy." The give lip service to condemning violence which is something that their attitudes promote. Finally, as they demonstrate above, they reject the notion of sexual orientation. They refer to "sexual behavior" as a choice.
Yet some associate “hate group” with advocating physical harm or other deplorable actions. As we work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, we now know that the man who shot our employee was also targeting at least one other organization labeled a “hate group” by SPLC.
We associate the "hate group" label with those who promote hate. That includes FRC. By the way, Mr. Boykin a co-author of this article, claimed today that the Muslim Brotherhood had managed to infiltrate all levels of government, as well as the two main political parties and even the media. 
This war of words launched by the SPLC as cover for its allied organizations on the left has led to an open assault upon those with whom they disagree. This type of demonizing must stop.
"Cover for its allied organizations?" What on earth? WTF? SPLC doesn't provide "cover" for anyone. They are both transparent and specific on their hate group criteria. If FRC doesn't like the label then they should cease their hateful behavior.
FRC’s belief in marriage has prevailed in 32 states where the voters have spoken, is the official position of the Republican Party, and until three months ago was Mr. Obama’s position. If the religious foundation of our convictions makes us a “hate group,” then every other Christian ministry or historically orthodox church could be likewise designated.
When President Obama (and he deserves the honorific in contrast to "Mr.")  was opposed to gay marriage, he wasn't telling people that gays are a threat to children as FRC does.  Nor did he suggest that gay people should be exported has FRC has.
SPLC’s tactics are intended to intimidate and ultimately silence. Nothing could be more threatening to the future of our republic.
Not at all. SPLC's mission is to shine a light on hate. In doing so, perhaps they can motivate some groups to modify their behavior.
Religious liberty is the most important of our human rights. Without religious freedom, people exist only as political or economic entities, not as free human beings. Religious liberty is the first of all rights, for it implies the dignity and sacredness of human conscience, that a person’s duty to his Creator precedes his duty to the state. A person’s faith is the most profound aspect of personhood.
Great. Nobody has compromised FRC's religious liberty. By that standard, nobody is free to criticize FRC because they presume to be holier than thou.
Pursuing good policy with civility is beneficial both socially and economically. We should debate these things with civility, and eschew name-calling and marginalization.
This is really rich. FRC should stop calling American Muslims the enemy and gay people pedophiles     for starters. And while they are at it, they can stop promoting preposterous ex-gay "therapy." Telling parents that their children can change does monumental damage to parents and children.

Ultimately, FRC should start listening
to some of their critics!
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