Saturday, September 1, 2012

NARTH fighting for right to abuse children

NARTH is extremely upset that California is on the verge of prohibiting the use of so-called reorientation "therapy" on minors to turn them from gay to straight. The bill has now passed both houses of the legislature. Governor Brown is expected to sign it shortly. Thus, NARTH has teamed up with their old friend Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel.
NARTH has signed a representation agreement with Liberty Council, an outstanding legal organization under the direction of our good friend Mat Staver - the Dean of Liberty University Law School, to seek a temporary injunction against SB 1172. Dean Staver is a featured speaker at this year's NARTH Conference in Orlando and we look forward to his personal assessment of this dangerous trend toward limiting the right of families to seek mental health care for some aspects of their children's lives.
These kids must comprise a considerable chunk of their "practice" which makes it all the more scary. The bill is concise and very much worth reading. It methodically lays out the case for enacting such a measure. A similar bill is about to be introduced to the New Jersey legislature. As you can see from NARTH's comment, they regard this as a "mental health care" issue. Of course that is why a Christianist is the featured speaker at their next conference.

As a side note, the civil RICO litigation in the Jenkins matter named Liberty Law School as a defendant. That is going to keep these people quite busy. It may also put Staver's license in jeopardy if it is proved that he aided a parental kidnapping.
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