Thursday, September 13, 2012

Peter Sprigg's war on gay

Peter Sprigg is Family Research Council's go-to guy on the gay.  I don't know what has inspired organizations like FRC to convey pretentious academic titles but Sprigg is the hate group's "Senior Fellow for Policy Studies." Sprigg has said that he wants to criminalize homosexuality. Sprigg is also the guy who said, in essence, that the way to discourage teen suicide is to discourage teens from choosing to be gay.

That brings us to the discredited Regnerus "study." According to Sprigg:
... the Chronicle of Higher Education ran an article summarizing findings (not yet published) by a critic of the study who was appointed to “audit” it by the Social Science Research journal’s editor. The Chronicle’s headline labeled the study “severely flawed,” and the article quoted the auditor, Darren Sherkat, describing the Regnerus paper as “b***s***.” However, the actual criticisms described in the article ranged from weak to completely implausible, as I wrote on the FRC Blog: "An Obscenity and a Headline Can’t Discredit Study of Homosexual Parents."
Sprigg's blog is undoubtedly fascinating. Nevertheless, Darren Sherkat is on the faculty of Southern Illinois University. He is a past chair of the sociology department and earned his PhD from Duke University. In contrast, Mr. Sprigg is an employee of a hate group who has a Master of Divinity from some theological seminary. Dr. Sherkat has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Mr. Sprigg has not. To say that Dr. Sherkat's opinion on these matters is the more credible is a gross understatement.
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