Thursday, September 6, 2012

Robby George's conflict with critical thinking

Robert George is a modern day Knight Templar, and defender of the faith. The religious right considers the Princeton professor an intellectual. My definition of an intellectual includes more than erudition. It requires the individual to be an intellectually honest, and curious, critical thinker.  George has allowed his fundamentalist faith to erode and obstruct his intellect. In the Wall Street Journal, Robby notes:
If, as the Obama-Biden campaign alleges, there is a "war on women," Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York, is its field marshal. If opposition to same-sex marriage is "bigotry," as many on the left insist, then Cardinal Dolan—as the most prominent defender of marriage as the union of husband and wife—is the country's leading bigot.
For an academician, George is remarkably intellectually dishonest as he is begging the question, The war on women is not an allegation; it's an indisputable fact that, since 2010, the GOP has devoted an astonishing amount of energy  to limiting access to contraception and reproductive choice. Moreover, the war against Planned Parenthood is directly impacting access to healthcare for thousands of women.  As for marriage equality, Dolan isn't "defending marriage." Dolan is trying to impose his religion on everyone else. It seems to me that "defending marriage" should have more to do with opposition to divorce. The last time I checked the divorced blowhard, Bill Donohue is still a macher in ultra Catholic circles.

It's worth noting that Dolan's home state of New York has mandated contraception coverage for years. The state law has fewer exceptions than the federal law and not so much as a peep from Dolan was heard. Now an opportunistic and ambitious Cardinal Dolan, who is president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, is disingenuously framing this as an affront to religious liberty. A few thousand gays are now married in New York. Have we heard from Dolan about all of the terrible harm that this has done? Where are all the traditional marriages that we destroyed?

George continues:
Yet Timothy Dolan will be appearing at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night in Charlotte, N.C., to invoke divine blessing on the proceedings. So what's going on?... accepting the cardinal's offer to appear amounts to an implicit but unmistakable concession that there's no bigotry in opposing the redefinition of civil marriage, nor any misogyny in fighting for the unborn.
As Mr. George correctly notes, Dolan is appearing because Dolan asked to appear. Nevertheless, George seems to be confusing the issues by design. Democrats respect the Cardinal's religious beliefs. Indeed I respect the Cardinal's religious beliefs. President Barack Obama has many of the same religious beliefs (as does Governor Cuomo, closer to home). Nevertheless, both the President and the Democratic platform are clear and consistent in support of marriage equality, access to contraceptives and reproductive choice.

I cannot let the last bit of intellectual dishonesty go unnoticed. George refers to "misogyny in fighting for the unborn." We all know, and respect the fact, that Dolan is anti-choice. However, Dolan is actively trying to deny contraceptives to Catholics and non-Catholics based on the faith of their employer. Dolan is attempting to frustrate US law in order for it to conform to the doctrine of one religion. Doing so is misogyny.

I have to wonder if Professor Robert George actually does anything for Princeton University. With all of his various enterprises and all of the energy that he devotes to promoting his religion and demonizing gay people, wherever does he find the time?
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