Saturday, September 8, 2012

Security One Lending and Pat Boone

A rather shady reverse mortgage company is advertising heavily in the Miami market using Pat Boone  as their spokesman. That's the same Pat Boone who insists that President Obama is a Muslim foreigner ineligible to be President. That is also the same Pat Boone who compared people like me (who advocate for LGBT rights) to the Mumbai terrorists who, by the way, killed 164 people and wounded over 300.

Before I go further, the most important thing to know is that not all reverse mortgage lenders are the same. Any home owner over 62 years of age considering a reverse mortgage should start at the HUD FAQ on reverse mortgages.

As for Security One Lending, is it possible that they do not know that Pat Boone is a birther and a bigot? Maybe they are trying to appeal to people who do know about Mr. Boone.

Maybe they are using Pat Boone because
Anita Bryant wasn't available.
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