Tuesday, September 11, 2012

[Video] Some Minnesotans Display Their Lack of Critical Thinking

Where do they find these people?  Last night Rachel Maddow was having some fun over the number of people who, in polls, inexplicably give Mitt Romney more credit than President Obama for killing Bin Laden. Like those people, these Minnesotans will believe just about anything     if it is what they want to believe.

My fear is that our campaign might be indulging NOM by arguing that gay people are good parents. The correct  answer is:
Gays make very good parents. More importantly, whether gays can marry or not doesn't change who raises a single child. Heterosexual couples are going to have the same children and gays will continue to adopt the same children. So what is your point?
In fact, I would concede that the best situation for children is married, responsible and committed biological parents. Gays adopt kids for whom that situation is no longer possible.

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