Saturday, September 22, 2012

Vote NO on Florida's Amendment 8

Florida's T-Bag dominated legislature has put the so-called "Religious Freedom" act on the ballot. The title of the bill is misleading. What this bill really does is to allow public tax dollars to fund religious programs and religious schools. It's important to understand that this will divert funds from neighborhood public schools (where they are desperately needed) to private religious institutions.

Because the proposal requires no oversight and provides for no accountability, we will see misuse of tax dollars, massive fraud, and political cronyism. And since there will be no oversight, groups of any kind could merely call themselves a religious organization and get state funding. TIF. This is Florida. We know what will happen. Just look at the massive scam created by charter schools. TIF. We elected a felon as governor. TIF. Florida is already one of the most corrupt states in the Union.

Amendment 8 deliberately shreds the
separation of church and state.

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