Monday, September 17, 2012

What on Earth is NOM Crowing About?

A flailing National Organization for Marriage continues to insert their money into New York politics     with questionable results. As an aside, once again they have not complied with campaign finance disclosure. While the final reports have not been filed, NOM claimed to have spent a zillion dollars in last Thursday's primary to unseat Republicans who voted in favor of marriage equality. Yet, NOM PAC NY is reporting about $12,000 in receipts. But I digress.

NOM's biggest target     Mark Grisanti     won his race handily. Another two will be settled by absentee ballots which are still being counted. NOM claimed a victory in a Democratic primary race but that is sheer nonsense as the incumbent was immersed in a corruption scandal. NOM's objective is to bully LGBT friendly Republican legislators in other states by creating consequences for voting in favor of marriage equality. As it it, moderate Republicans are nearly extinct so what can NOM possibly hope to accomplish     other than creating incomes for Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher?

In 2009, NOM meddled in the New York 23rd District special congressional election by backing a Conservative Party candidate who otherwise would not have existed. They drove the Republican     Dede Scozzafava     out of the race. She endorsed the Democratic candidate who won in a landslide. Ever since, NOM has demonstrated spectacular Reverse Midas capabilities. Those two undecided primary contests in NY depict more about the Republican Party than NOM's campaign expertise. After all, the status of LGBT people as second class citizens has been enshrined into the GOP's national platform. About all that NOM might achieve is to grant control of the NY State Senate to Democrats.

NOM is a right wing Catholic organization and a proxy for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Their objective is to impose their religious beliefs on everyone else. In spite of the religious right's grip on the GOP,

... national marriage equality is inevitable.
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