Friday, October 5, 2012

All this bullshit for what?

The charge against marriage equality is being led by the Catholic Church. It is a 21st century crusade. Indeed, National Organization for Marriage is an Opus Dei affiliate. They have become a proxy for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Yet, the majority of US Catholics disagree. Just a reminder:

There remains no coherent argument that same-sex
marriage affects anyone other than those thus wed. None!

All of this time, money and effort (on both sides) is being waged because, in 2003, the Pope wrote that homosexual unions of any type cannot be tolerated by the Church. He also wrote that it is the duty of every Catholic     including every Catholic politician     to oppose such unions. Sadly, he also claimed that when gay couples adopt kids they "do violence to those children."

Thus, all of the tortured logic and convoluted reasoning is an effort to proffer a secular cause for opposition to equal marriage. Therefore, the last remaining absolute monarch in Europe is permitted to have a considerable effect on US politics and our civil law. That's not exactly what our founding fathers had in mind.

These people are not "defending" marriage;
They are defending their church.

American citizens should be outraged that a religious institution has managed to get their anti-equality crusade on the ballot. Years ago, Maggie Gallagher claimed "gay marriage has consequences." Where are the consequences? So far, the best that they can do is some catering hall in New Jersey, owned by a church, temporarily lost their real estate tax exemption as a public accommodation. New Jersey doesn't even have equal marriage. But there's always that wedding photographer in New Mexico circa 2005. Seriously?
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