Monday, October 22, 2012

Deceptive Video From NOM's Minnesota Franchise

In spite of being repeatedly debunked, National Organization for Marriage simply repeats the same lies assuming that the average voter won't bother to check. Campaign manager, Frank Schubert, who produces these videos (and makes a commission on the airtime), might be a fundamentalist Catholic. That doesn't seem to preclude him from being a pants-on-fire liar.

Frank Schubert assumes that the average voter is stupid!

The four claims in this video flash by quickly. Let's take them one at a time.
  1. Small Businesses Fined: The truth is that the Wildflower Inn (shown briefly in the image) refused a lesbian couple's wedding celebration. It actually has nothing to do with marriage. They are a public accommodation and Vermont has prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation for many years.
  2. Individuals Fired: A Toronto sportscaster was terminated by his employer after a homophobic tweet. Aside from differences in US and Canadian law, the employer has stated that there were numerous reasons for this individual's dismissal.
  3. Charities Closed Down: Actually, Catholic Charities chose to terminate their adoption agency (which received considerable taxpayer support) in Massachusetts rather than allowing gay couples to adopt. Ironically, they had been placing children with gays for years. After same-sex marriages were recognized, the hierarchy stepped in and forced the agency to close. The bishops intentionally closed it as a threat to future states.
  4. Churches Sued: Again, this has nothing to do with marriage. The Catholic Church had a retreat center on the market for years. A married gay couple reached a preliminary agreement to purchase the property and then the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester reneged claiming that they were afraid that the couple might use the property for gay weddings. The Church clearly violated Massachusetts non-discrimination laws which prohibit discrimination in real property sales.
  5. Same-sex marriage taught to young children in elementary school: That is just unadulterated BS. I have authored a complete explanation of this talking point here.

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