Friday, October 19, 2012

Dr. Paul Copan and NARTH

Dr. Paul Copan is a professor of philosophy and ethics, and the Pledger Family Chair (whatever that is) at Palm Beach Atlantic University.  Copan is also keynoting NARTH Conference 2012 along with Mat Staver. Were Copan a real ethicist he would never appear on the same stage as Staver. Judging from the keynote topics (see graphic below) it would appear that NARTH is claiming     wait for it     yes, it's victimization. Copan is a victim of either the photo to the left or the photo below. Given the circumstances, I think that I was rather polite in the following email:

You appear to be a serious scholar. I am astonished that you are keynoting a NARTH conference. You are enabling real harm to Christian children and their parents.

The story that repeats itself over and over again - one that I have seen first hand as a volunteer counselor. Parent marches gay child into the office of a reparative "therapist" with instructions to "fix him." When the kid stays gay, it becomes his or her fault. Either he didn't pray hard enough, try hard enough or wasn't sufficiently motivated. All that happens is that the child learns to lie to please his or her parents. This destroys good faith between parents and child; possibly for life. By chance, have you discussed this matter with Warren Throckmorton, associate professor of Psychology at Grove City College?

If you really want to do some good, work to stop parents from discarding their kids. 40% of homeless people under the age of 18 are gay. 40%! This happens because kids get kicked out when they come out. Organizations like NARTH are directly responsible for this. As for sharing a podium with Mat Staver, you can draw your own conclusions.

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