Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Early voting in Miami Beach is time consuming but pleasant

People at Miami Beach polls are extremely courteous and helpful (I chose to vote at City Hall on 17th Street). People on the line were well behaved and neighborly. I did not encounter any True the Vote crazies and I did not see or hear any voters being challenged by poll watchers. Yet, I am still accustomed to New York. In New York on election days there are long lines that move quickly. Actually voting means pulling mechanical levers on machines that have worked flawlessly for a half-century. There might be one or two ballot measures and the whole thing is done in a matter of minutes.

In contrast, my legal size ballot consisted of eight pages on both sides. 16 pages with a seemingly endless array of state and county initiatives. For good measure there were a couple of non-binding straw polls. One votes by filling in the ovals. Then you feed the ballot, a page at a time, into a machine reader.  After waiting on line for about an hour and a half, the process of actually casting a ballot consumed another 30 minutes with ID producing, oval filling and machine feeding. With what's at stake I would have done it if it consumed an entire day.

One more time;

Get your pretty queer asses to the polls and vote. Vote early if you can. After you vote, urge your friends and relatives to vote.
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