Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Frank Schubert: Evil Nebbish

Frank Schubert
Yesterday, the New York Times profiled Frank Schubert, "mastermind" of inequality campaigns in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington. Previously, Schubert was the manager of National Organization for Marriage's California (Prop 8) and Maine (Question 1) campaigns.

Schubert is no mastermind. Schubert is a bigot whose extreme religious ideology motivates him to portray gay people as a danger to children.  Appeals to inaccurate stereotype are neither creative nor intellectually honest. Therefore, Mr. Schubert is neither creative nor intellectually honest. His self-delusion is that he is a modern Knight Templar and defender of the faith.

In another era, this type of baiting took the form of African Americans obsessed with raping white women. Schubert's version is that gays are out to recruit your children so that they can get into little Johnny's pants.

The Times piece is fairly balanced. It confirms what I suspected, that Schubert was pushed out of Schubert Flint Public Affairs because of his activism. It also quotes Fred Sainz, vice president for communications of the Human Rights Campaign:
He is putting lipstick on the
pig of discrimination.
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