Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Frank Schubert letting it all hang out in Maine

Mainers on the National Organization for Marriage mailing list no longer receive emails from "Protect Marriage Maine." Rather they come from "," Frank Schubert's operation. Apparently, a defender of the faith gets a pass on that "bearing false witness" thing.

As we all know, if a few gays can get hitched, that will determine the future for our children and grandchildren. Doubtlessly, equal marriage will create juvenile delinquency and criminal activity. Children of gays will run amok like zombies in a George Romero opus. Frank would not say so were it not true:

I am still uncertain how this works (although I had a recent comment colloquy with Maggie). If gays can marry, that creates generations of neurotic children who are deprived of two parents. Or so what passes for logic goes:
And oh those consequences. I cut this off but the email goes on and on about every "victim" that they have manufactured over the past decade. None of these stand up to close scrutiny and they are still unashamedly lying about Catholic Charities for starters but have a whack at it Frank. Who is going to read all this bullshit?

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