Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I seem to have written about the dumb-ass trifecta today

This just in from NOM's Minnesota franchise. Marriage equality changes everybody's marriage. I am pretty sure that this rubbish is from the "mind" of National Organization for Marriage's Frank Schubert. We are told that gay marriage does not exist side-by-side with traditional marriage. Oh no. Marriage is now genderless      whatever the fuck that means. According to this "logic," if the two cute guys down the block get married then your traditional marriage magically changes. Exactly how this change occurs and into what form remains unexplained. I also have to ask; How long does this change take to happen? Do they wake up the next morning and find that their marriage morphed?

Bring forth the hapless New Mexico
wedding photographer (circa 2005)

Of course, what would a NOM discourse be without some Gathering Storm thematics? The certainty of prosecutions and persecutions of good Christians that never seem to really occur in states that honor marriage equality.
Activists in support of same-sex “marriage” claim redefining marriage has no consequences for anyone other than same-sex couples who want to be married. This is false. Gay marriage does not exist in the law alongside traditional marriage. Marriage will be redefined as genderless for everyone, and those who don’t agree with the new definition, such as pastors, religious groups, and people of faith, will find themselves in conflict with the law and face potential legal consequences.
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