Friday, October 26, 2012

If Regnerus would keep his mouth shut ...

Embattled professor Mark Regnerus refuses to be interviewed by the mainstream press. Yet he has recently given an interview to the Christian Post. Today he spoke with Karla Dial who writes for Focus on the Family's Citizen Link. I can only presume that Regnerus is afraid of questions that aren't soft balls.

What interests me is a couple of numbers that he gave Focus on the Family. These are new to me. Regnerus claims to have interviewed 3,000 people. We don't yet know how he obtained the initial 3,000. Of those, 248 claimed that one of their parents had a same-sex relationship. That's more than 8% which seems astonishingly high. I'm sure that some of these occurred after a spouse died or possibly after divorce. Nevertheless, that's just the 8% where a child was aware of the relationship which means that, to get to that number, the actual percentage of heterosexual parents who have a same-sex relationship had to be considerably higher. Is this something that is really that common?

In 1994, the National Opinion Research Center at University of Chicago concluded that 15% to 18% of spouses cheat. Even after allowing for divorce and death, the amount of gay cheating would presumably eat up a pretty big chunk of that.

The more we look into Regnerus, the less sense he makes.
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